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Any Employee Can Be at Risk For Injury, Make Sure They’re Protected

If an employee gets injured on the job, Workers Compensation insurance can help. Workers Compensation is required in most states, but critical for every business to have, regardless of location. Every business can be prone to injury- even office workers can slip and fall at work or get in an accident running work errands.

What Does Workers Compensation Cover?

If an employee is injured at work, your Workers Compensation policy will cover the costs of medical care and replace the employee’s income while they are out. It protects your business because you won’t have to shell out the costs of your employees’ medical expenses or continue to pay an employee who is too injured to work. It can also pay death benefits to an employee’s family if an employee is killed in a work-related accident.

How Can I Get Workers Compensation Insurance?

Simply fill out our online application and one of our experienced insurance professionals will be in touch with you within one business day to gather some additional information needed to provide you with a proposal for Workers Compensation Insurance. Some of the information they will need includes at least 3 years loss runs from your prior insurance carrier and a copy of your current experience modification (if applicable). If you’re unsure about these items, don’t worry, our team is here to help through each step of the way.

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